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      GSM has been developed for more than ten years. With new wireless technologies --UMTS, CDMA 2000 1x, HSDPA, WLAN/WiFi, WiMAX and more--has placed in-building wireless data services in focus for building owners and operators.To some extent, the competition of solutions and services has taken place of the products .The main objective is for seamless RF coverage across the buildings, carpark, tunnels and underground sectors.
      With the rapid increase of mobile subscriber, the density of traffic is rising constantly in the buildings.
Macrocell solution is already unable to meet the enormous request of outdoors capacity & coverage in saturated district.However, indoor coverage is usually the weak spot of the whole network.

      Therefore, it is significantly for the operators to solve the problem of indoor cellular coverage. Subscribers who want to get connected any place and any time; And the operator would preponderate in the market, obtained more market share, increase operating incomes and promote the market image of brand by offering perfect combination between indoor coverage and outdoor coverage. Indoor coverage becomes the optimal solution which can increase coverage and capacity.

      TTT End-to-End Solution

      Thai Te Technology provides end-to-end in-building solutions--solutions that meet three essential performance criteria: premium coverage, capacity and quality of service (QoS).

      Fully optimized to meet each building’s unique occupant requirements and architectural constraints, TTT’s total turnkey in-building solutions are developed from a rich mix of current and emerging RF technologies. Our 6 years of in-building design, development and installation experience is backed by the market’s broadest selection of passive and active in-building RF technologies: the TTT suite of distributed antenna systems, broadband feeder solutions, point-of interface solutions, and RF-on-fiber extension systems.

      Thai Te Technology's tailored end-to-end in-building solutions provide the outcomes sought by all stake holders in the in-building sector. We focus on providing highly future-proof and low-maintenance in-building solutions, ensuring premium return-on-investment and minimal total cost of ownership. Founded on passive RF technologies, TTT in-building solutions are virtually maintenance-free. This, coupled with TTT’s commitment to genuine future-proof broadband solutions, ensures the owner enjoys minimized total cost of ownership over the life of the installation.

      Our unique multi-carrier multi-band in-building solutions provide the optimal cost-sharing solution for multi-tenant environments--all in a single deployment. This integrated and scalable approach to in-building coverage ensures that new tenants, carriers and services can be incorporated into the building coverage system without disruption, cost or building down-time.


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