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Feeder Cable

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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Welcome to

TTT is a international provider in area of cellular network planning, design, implementation & optimization. We offer complete solutions including software, consultancy services, competence development services and contracting services.

Our expertise in:

  • Radio Network Planning & Optimization
  • Wired& Wireless Network Technology
  • Transmission Network Planning
  • Network Benchmarking
  • Turn-key Indoor & Outdoor Coverage Design & Implementation
  • Operations and Maintenance of Telecoms Network
  • Distribution of specialized Telecoms Products

Transmission Cable

General Information

Supported by manufacturing and distribution facilities Asia-Pacific, TTT provides coaxial transmission line products to the international wireless communications markets.
CELLFLEX? foam dielectric coaxial cable products are available for mobile and wireless infrastructure applications.
HELIFLEX? air dielectric coaxial cable products are used in several communications, broadcast and other high power systems.
TTT corrugated cables provide strength and flexibility and feature low attenuation, low VSWR, and outstanding intermodulation performance
  CELLFLEX? Foam Coaxial Cable

CELLFLEX foam dielectric cables combine a remarkable flexibility with high strength and superior electrical performance. The cable construction allows easy handling and easy preparation for attachment of connectors together with high resistance to connector pull-off.

CELLFLEX foam dielectric cables have the following characteristics:

High flexibility
High crush resistance
Low attenuation
High power rating
Longitudinal uniformity
Small reflection factor
High screening effectiveness
Resistant to hostile environments

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Low loss cables use foam with very low dielectric losses resulting in low attenuation of RF power.

Superflexible cables are highly bendable due to the mechanical construction of the cable.

Ultraflexible cables use a specific inner conductor design resulting in the highest flexibility of copper cables available on the market.

Used as antenna feeders, cabling of antenna arrays, radio equipment interconnections, jumper assemblies or indoor applications, CELLFLEX? foam dielectric cables provide a reliable and technically superior solution for many wireless applications.

CELLFLEX? foam dielectric cables are often specified in communications and electronic systems.

Microwave communications systems
Landmobile systems
Cellular systems
Rural telephone systems
HF systems


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